Thursday, August 02, 2007

Using my blog as a home page/Mon blogue devient une page d’accueil

I recently wrote of an unexplained increase in hits on my blog page and could not quite explain it. When I shared my concern with a specialist, it was suggested that maybe the reader had set up my blog as his/her home page. This would explain the regular visits, of only one page at a time. The hit count would therefore be affected and erroneously show a large number of visits (instead of repeat visits).

Le nombre de visites recensées par Sitemeter peut représenter soit un élément positif soit une méconnaissance des différents aspects d’un blogue. Il existe un effet une autre façon de recevoir les mises à jour d’un blogue – c’est l’utilisation de la fonction RSS. Dans le cas de mon blogue, cette fonction est remplie par le logiciel Atom (en bas de page- Subscribe to Posts).

It certainly is flattering to know that some of my readers think highly enough of me to set up my blog as their home page but they may find that it is handier to use the RSS function which would notify them each time a new post appears on the blog. In Blogger, this is the Subscribe to Posts caption at the bottom of the page.

It is amazing how much there is to learn out there! Et moi qui pensais avoir tout compris sur les blogues!

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Shahrzad said...

hi dear new friend,

I liked what you wrote about yourself in your profile:
"Does one become a translator or is one born that way? ... I love the mental challenge, the research, the detailed effort and the satisfaction of seeing someone's message come across loud and clear, with the same intensity and the same colour."
That really feels great; I feel the same about translation.
Wish you the best.