Saturday, August 11, 2007

How to Leave a Comment on a Blog

David Finch | media, productivity, technology and ...: How to Leave a Comment on a Blog

Un collègue de la HPCA nous avait fait parvenir un lien au blogue de David Finch qui explique très clairement les avantages d'un commentaire réfléchi. Il s'agit en effet non seulement de laisser quelques mots mais également d'ajouter un peu de soi à la conversation.

As Dave says in his 3rd point, Give something to the Conversation. Our readers will be curious to see another point of view, a twist on the situation or an unusual way of dealing with a challenge.

Challenges in translation occur when two languages and two cultures meet. I am sure that many of my overseas readers have encountered situations where the lack of fluency in a second language created a problem in communication. Sharing their experiences might help our blog readers to communicate better.

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Shahrzad said...

hi dear Oleg,

In fact there're lots of differences between my language (Persian) and English. At times when I read a text in English, there's one "verb" or "phrase" that's very complete in itself, but if I want to translate it into Persian...well...that's another story and I'll have to write even at times one full sentence to convey the full meaning of one word! And I have the same problem while translating a text from Persian into English. Believe me, our languages are very different just like our cultures, but still I do love the challanges created by the differences.

Wish you the best.