Thursday, October 23, 2008

Canadian Tire Special Gloves Label/Pour le ranchero doublé ((?)

During a regular visit to the local Canadian Tire Hardware store, I chanced upon the work glove section and spied a pair of blue and yellow work gloves, bearing the cryptic label


This being urban Canada, I could not see where I would need such a glove but figured it is probably a heavy duty work glove. The French version really puzzled me. It said

Propriétaire de ranch

literally - Lined Ranch Owner

Nowhere could I see a real person, lined or not. Especially that doublé can also mean

1. overtaken - as in doubler une voiture sur la route,
2. dubbed - as in film doublé en Français
3. double-crossed - doubler quelqu'un
4. increased twofold - as in "le nombre de crimes a doublé"

The Canadian Packaging legislation stipulates that the generic name of the product be shown in English and in French. Had the word Gloves be used, the meaning would have been absolutely clear and the French translation, hopefully, much better done.

It all comes down to credibility. The French customer will laugh or maybe even get offended - if they cannot provide a credible translation, what does this say about the product and the company itself?

Do this right - Don't be a Lined Rancher.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Simply Delicious/La gastronomie Simple

About a year ago, we watched the opening of a new restaurant in a residential area of Toronto – It’s name – Simple Bistro. We tried it once, twice and then returned on a regular basis. A few days ago, we were treated to a feast.

Le restaurant, d’environ 40 places, est peint en jaune ocre avec boiseries noires. De grands miroirs permettent au soleil de pénétrer dans la salle. Le parquet et les tables en bois foncé ajoutent de la simplicité à l’atmosphère. Des portes-fenêtres donnant sur la rue permettent de profiter du soleil pendant le jour tout en assurant une bonne intimité lorsqu’il commence à faire sombre.

As appetizers, we chose a couple of delicately fried sardines in a mixture of oil and butter, flavoured with herbs and an artistically arranged timbale of endive and pear salad, served with walnuts, raisins and goat cheese. The main entrée of the day was a skate wing in caper butter, with delicately steamed green beans, cabbage, and shitake mushrooms. The recommended Pinot Blanc was just the right wine as it complemented the slightly sour taste of the skate sauce. The dessert we chose was a creamy chocolate terrine, with caramelized nuts, accompanied by a glass of Australian Buller Old Muscat at Rutherglen. The wine had a faint taste of the orange of Grand Marnier and the smoothness of a old Port. Cappuccinos, prepared with care, ended the meal.

L’attrait de ce restaurant pour nous n’est pas limité à sa gastronomie – en effet, le propriétaire, Graham, et son personnel continuent de nous choyer à chaque visite. La sauce des sardines et de la raie était la même – Graham est venu proposer à mon épouse de la part du chef, Masayuki Tamaru, une sauce au vin rouge pour la raie pour éviter la monotonie. Voilà un geste qui ne se rencontre pas partout.

Whereas some establishments appear to be geared to ladling grub, Simple Bistro concern for the satisfaction of their customers is truly amazing. They help in the selection of the food, are able to provide detailed explanation related to preparation or contents, and have a real knack pairing wine with food. They show respect for the customer, listen to his suggestions, and continue to thank him for his patronage.

Il y a quelques années, nous pensions avoir découvert le restaurant idéal pendant nos visites à San Francisco - le A16, dont j'ai parlé dans un de mes billets, il me faut avouer que Simple Bistro, à Toronto, est tout à fait sur la même longueur d’ondes. Les spécialités sont différentes mais la façon de gérer l’entreprise, la créativité du chef de cuisine, et les mets proposés sont aussi originaux et exquis . Pour les amateurs de bonne chère, Simple Bistro est le restaurant à privilégier.

If you go, tell Graham I sent you.