Wednesday, August 01, 2007

French leave: Definition

French leave: Definition and Much More from

It is always interesting to find out what brings readers to my blog. One of my recent visitors was looking for the equivalent of the expression "French leave". I hope he found it. I just went on to Google and typed"French leave" in the search box. Voilà!

Elle est étonnante la facilité avec laquelle on peut trouver toutes sortes de réponses sur Internet. Dans le passé, il fallait donner toutes sortes de précisions et le processus semblait lourd et compliqué. Pour contrôler les résultats, il suffit de faire des recoupages et chercher les réponses avec des synonymes ou des expressions parallèles.

Researching the expression "Filer à l'anglaise", it appears as though the expression "anglaiser" used to mean to steal, as in slip away. (nothing to do with the English). So the expression really meant "to leave discreetly", as a thief would do, to steal away.

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Shahrzad said...

It's really interesting you write your blog in English/French. If I were in Canada, I could have the chance of learning French too, but for the moment my French is not that good -let's say it's
Wish you the best.

P.S. You won't mind if I add you to my blog?