Sunday, December 03, 2006

Toenail Health / La santé des orteils

Biology 101: Toenails are living tissue so they grow and need trimming. Just because the spike was removed, that did not mean it won’t regrow – it did. Fortunately, the chiropodist was monitoring the situation and was able to trim the nail again.

La solution à long terme est une chirurgie locale qui consiste à supprimer au phénol une partie de la racine fabricant la portion d’ongle qui s’incarne. Cette procédure est effectuée sous anesthésie locale, avec quasi-absence de douleur et aucune cicatrice visible.

It is amazing how much one can learn on the Internet. The procedure was explained to me in English and I was able to find the corresponding French text. A text written in the original language uses the proper syntax and wording whereas a mere translation might be stilted or take the wrong point of view.

That is the reason for having technical translations validated by an expert in the target language who can vouch for the proper tone, proper terminology and syntax. Using machine translation for this sort of copy is obviously very dangerous.

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