Sunday, March 08, 2009

Clot Lecture / Présentation sur les caillots

Un hôpital de l’envergure du Sunnybrook Health Centre de Toronto comprend un grand nombre de cliniques classiques mais également une section spécialisée dans les thromboses. Une présentation grand public fut organisée le 5 mars dernier pour sensibiliser les patients et autres intéressés aux thromboses profondes.

Three specialists covered the terminology and definitions of Blood clotting, the drugs used, past and present, and the work that Sunnybrook is doing in educating the medical staff and the public about the need for Deep Vein Thrombosis prevention and care.

Le public visé étaient les gens (d’habitude âgés) souffrant de troubles circulatoires et ceux qui doivent prendre des anticoagulants (Coumadin). The hall was filled with some 300 seniors of many ages. I was invited to the lecture by Dr. William Geerts who has been looking after me for the last 16 years.

To listen to this very informative presentation, access the Speaker Series videos of this 1300-bed hospital and select “Blood Clots: What everyone Should Know” – by clicking here.

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