Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Age Volunteering / Le bénévolat réinventé

I am lucky to have my medical needs met by a nearby teaching hospital, the Sunnybrook Health Centre . In the last few years, I have noticed a number of postings on bulletin boards asking for volunteers to participate in medical studies. Intrigued, I tried one, a second one and find that I am hooked.

La plupart des recherches semblent axées sur les citoyens du troisième âge, ou âge d’or. Ainsi, une des études portait sur l’équilibre et la façon de le conserver si l’on trébuche. Le patient est installé sur une plateforme mobile qui s’arrête brusquement. On apprend alors à ne pas tomber ou à tomber avec le moins de dégâts possibles.

Another study dealt with spatial memory- fitted with goggles, the patient is taken on a video trip through an unfamiliar city . Again, the trick is to learn to navigate in unknown places.

Yet another study used MRI to evaluate memory. An upcoming one will use a driving simulator so that reflexes of “senior people” can be studied.

Participer à telles recherches m’intéresse beaucoup car je peux juger sur mon propre comportement les difficultés ou problèmes que peuvent rencontrer les personnes âgées.

Certaines de ces études sont tout à fait bénévoles alors que certaines autres prévoient un paiement modeste versé au participant.

Je conseille vivement cette activité aux personnes intéressées dans les progrès de la médecine et qui demeurent près d’un important centre hospitalier.

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Under The Hood said...

Volunteering can pay off handsomely.
I recently joined a networking group to assist me in my efforts to foster business relationships. I figured that helping out in some menial task would ease me into the group, help me to learn some names, and so on.
I was delighted to be offered the task of telephoning members to remind them of upcoming meetings.
This gives me the opportunity to call members I've not met, introduce myself as a new member, and perform a vital and informative task!
The called members win (reminder about the next meeting), the organization wins (I take some load off their shoulders), and I win by having an excuse to practice my telephoning skills and my "elevator speech".
Did it work?
I managed to hook two new speakers for upcoming meetings as a bonus, and as well got a ride to the meeting!