Monday, August 04, 2014

Beautiful, tasty product - lousy French copy on box

It is a shame that the French was not proofread. Let me point out the errors:

Pas de BPA dans la doublure de la conserve. the word can was translated by verb can: be able too.
Élément important d'un plateau d'antipasti typiquement méditerranéen original French says served on an antipaste plate (?)

Sustainably caught; the French says sustainably taken (which is ok) except that the word Prise should be spelled Prises because it refers to the plural word Sardines.

Délicieuses en sandwich - Delicious on a sandwich - French adjective must be pluralized because it refers to the main product - Sardines

Sardines en sections délicieuses, nettoyées et sans écailles the original French says delicious items, cleaned (error in subject/adjective agreement), the word échelle means a ladder, no a fish scale.

As I said, the product is tasty but a French speaking customer will be put off by the errors and maybe decide that if the language is bad, the contents are bad too.

Hopefully,  someone at Wild Planet Foods will correct these errors.